“Once you kind of look at the child as an individual, and you figure out what their needs are, the rest of it just comes really easy,” Teacher Giraldo explained.

Wow! What a great attitude! She gets it! Kudos to teacher Stefania Giraldo at Park Springs Elementary in Coral Springs, a true role model ESE teacher! We should identify teachers like these and recruit them to be ESE staff development trainers in the district to help teachers struggling to accommodate ESE students develop the right attitude, expertise, and confidence to help our Broward Schools children with learning disabilities and challenges. Our documentation of needed accommodations for ESE students are for the most part well written, but I’ve always said implementation of accommodations at the classroom level is where our greatest challenge is.

“When you’re dealing with children with autism, each child has different needs, so Giraldo had to create a specialized lesson plan for every one of her students.” -NBCMiami

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