Happy Caribbean American Heritage Month!! This month we are celebrating the rich history of Caribbean culture and promoting the contribution of Caribbean immigrants to the United States. Caribbean people have contributed significantly to US history and culture.

Some notable individuals include United States Secretary of State and United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell (Jamaican descent), United States Senator Kamala Harris (Jamaican and Indian descent). Famous American Civil Rights leader W.E. B. Dubois (Haitian descent), Famous Basketball Player Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Trinidadian descent), United States Attorney General Eric Holder (Barbadian descent), Famous Boxer Floyd Mayweather (Jamaican descent), American Artist Wyclef Jean (Haitian descent), famous NBC, CBS news anchor Lester Holt (Jamaican descent), famous movie star Sidney Poitier (Bahamian descent), National Security Advisor Susan Rice (Jamaican descent), famous actress Jada Pinkett Smith (Jamaican and Barbadian descent) and many more. Mike Tyson is also of Caribbean descent. Can you guess where?

Locally we have many Caribbean immigrants contributing significantly as well including our Broward County Mayor Dale Holness and our School Superintendent Robert Runcie of Jamaican descent.