Many parents of kids who attend public schools in Parkland, including myself, continue to deal with our children’s fears and anxieties. I am so proud of the efforts of so many in providing services to help our communities especially Parkland heal. We must continue to find real solutions that will help our children and all of us feel safer. The horrific tragedy in Parkland has devastated so many of our children emotionally. But as one district we will stick together and be committed together to doing everything we can to ensure that this never happens to our kids in Broward County again. School safety and mental health of our Broward County School children are of high priority on my agenda.

I will support extensive initiatives to make our schools safer and to renew confidence in our children districtwide that their schools are safe. I will also place great emphasis on identifying and working on mental health issues affecting our youth in Broward County Schools. Together as a district we will continue to support our children and families in Parkland and will work diligently to renew confidence in school safety and security countywide.

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