The District needs someone who has a strong history of hitting the ground running from day one.
Children and families are living in unprecedented times. Electing someone with a tested and proven track record of strong school leadership experiences and who can adapt and grow quickly will be beneficial to Broward County School Board.

Identifying strong and exceptional leadership in any individual is fairly easy. It is in their history; their track record. Strong leadership oriented people have a history of getting busy from day one in any organization and in any capacity to quickly learn, advance and adapt, creating strong growth, meaningful changes and achieving aggressive goals.

My history shows a consistent and strong upward trajectory of leadership acquired skills and accomplishments in a fairly short period of time. Within my first 7 years as a Broward Schools’ teacher, I quickly developed extensive school leadership experiences as shown below advancing rapidly as a strong school leader.

As you look across the candidates running for this office, you will see that my leadership history in education began on day one. As an educator I continued to build my leadership skills annually throughout my career. I have always been a strong leader in everything throughout my life. It’s important to me and part of my character. I have demonstrated this by building knowledge and taking on strong leadership roles as I progressed through my career year after year as you will see in my accomplishments in education, community service and business outlined below and on my website

As your School Board Member, I am the most qualified leader to represent you, one who will continue to demonstrate strong leadership for you and your family from Day One and throughout my tenure as I serve you on the Board.

Jeff Holness; Tested and Proven School Leader

Some of my school leadership experiences acquired within my first 7 years as an educator for Broward Schools:

Assistant Principal Designee (Operational/Instructional)
School Advisory Council Chair/Co-Chair Several Schools
Coordinator, English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)
Founder/Coordinator, Student Learning Communities (SLC)
Coordinator, Monarch Zone School Business Partner
Chair, Broward Middle School Diversity Awareness Committee
Coordinator, Anti-Defamation League
Coordinator, Title 1 Parent Involvement Nights – Community Partnership
Trainer, Middle School Leadership Council
Mentor/Coach, Broward School Teacher
Team Leader, Broward School Teacher (Gifted, Regular, Adult)
Member, School Base Literacy Leadership Team
Broward Schools Intern Educator, Florida Atlantic University


University Adjunct Professor (10 years)
Owner/Director, Kumon Math and Reading Center (5 years)
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