Electing a successful and adaptive business owner to the School Board would be beneficial!
Our School Board, now more than ever, needs someone who is decisive, a proven leader, a seasoned educator, and a successful business owner who has expertise of being easily adaptive to changing and sudden circumstances. As a successful business owner, I understand how a business operates and how crucially important it is to adapt to changes quickly and put into practice workable solutions.

Leadership starts on day one. At this time, the District really does not have time for significant learning curves and should elect someone who can hit the ground running on Day One. When the Coronavirus hit and nonessential businesses had to close their physical locations, I was faced with a potential massive loss in business and tragic impact on my staff. Instead, I successfully transitioned my Kumon Math and Reading Center to a full service online live instructions format with over 20 staff and well over 200 subject students. T

he center is now a vibrant, successful live online program. As a result, I was acknowledged by the Florida Kumon Branch office as a model Kumon center and am now helping to lead the effort of transitioning other Kumon centers successfully across Florida so they too can adapt and remain successful. I will bring these same creative solutions and business expertise to the table that will add value to Broward County School Board.

Broward School District has a $4 billion budget that requires knowledge of budget management, staff oversight, intellectual knowledge and business acumen. The District is also now faced with losing significant funding due to the decline in sales tax as a result of the economic slowdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sales tax funds approximately half of the district education budget for our teachers, staff and children. It is beneficial to elect a successful business owner who understands how to manage cost, budget spend, and adapt quickly to change.

The next school year is on the horizon. The County needs to elect a Board member who will be able to navigate the stormy waters of this unfortunate era and lead all our children to a safe, successful and sound future. When elected as your new School Board Member, I will bring this same level of adaptiveness, ingenuity, leadership, and competence to the Board as I did to my business that will steer all children through these difficult times and into a bright and prosperous future. Visit www.jeffholness.com

Elect Dr. Jeff Holness, August 18, 2020
Proven Leader, The Right Choice!