Haitians and people all over the world including Haiti celebrated Haitian Flag Day today commemorating the day in 1803 when Haiti adopted its official flag. As a nation, we appreciate the major contributions Haitians have made to the U.S and the world and most notable is their role in the U.S. Revolutionary War.

A Haitian regiment of over 500 free men volunteered to come to the U.S from Haiti to fight on the American side against the British in the 1779 battle of Savannah, GA and they fought bravely for an independent America. Haitians volunteered, shed their blood and died for the freedom of the United States and thus played a significant role in being part of U.S history.

The Haitian Monument located in Franklin Square, Savannah, GA represents the Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue, a unit that comprised over 500 free men from Haiti and represented the largest unit of African descendants to fight in the American Revolution.

Throughout the month of May we continue to recognize and celebrate Haitian culture and the significant contributions Haitians have made to our society and our world. Haiti is the first independent nation in the Caribbean, the first Black Republic in the world and the second democracy in the western world.