Having a father on Broward School Board will be beneficial.

The School Board comprises nine school board members of which there are no fathers, no males. Broward School District student population is 51.5% males and 48.5% females. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics about 20% of elementary and middle school teachers are males. Research shows that more men are taking stronger roles in their children’s lives and education today.

When elected, I will be the only father and male on Broward County School Board. As a father of two boys, I believe I can bring a unique and diverse perspective to the Board that will enable an inclusive input in decision and policy making process that will be beneficial to our children and families.

I have been and will continue be a strong role model for our children in Broward and hope to influence our males to continue to be more involved in our children’s academics. Research shows that when both parents are involved in their children’s learning they tend to have higher self-confidence and greater academic achievement. I believe by electing a father/male to the group, I will be able to bring a different perspective on some of the issues, as well as help persuade more young men to join the amazing group of teachers we already have in Broward County. I hope to bring that diverse representation to students, parents and communities.

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