I attended today’s march in Pompano as communities today all across the United States seek an end to police brutality and equal and fair treatment for all people. We know there are many good police officers but our mission is to pressure departments to identify and get rid of the bad ones.

We ask for a better job to be done in recruiting good police officers and monitoring police behaviors.

We ask for sensitivity, race and culture trainings and no tolerance culture in police departments for racist or bias behaviors. We ask for the fostering of cultures in police departments where good police officers feel obligated, welcome, comfortable and safe to report those that are bad. We ask that police and police unions do something. We ask that you make it a priority to identify bad police officers by their record, by public complaints, by colleague complaints, by their words, by their actions, and remove them from among you. We ask for a better relationship with the Police and our communities all across this county and this country for a better and safer world.

We ask that school districts all across this county and this country increase emphasis on race and culture training. We ask that school districts include culture and race sensitivity in every aspect of children’s learning environments so we can lessen or eradicate this social ill.

We ask our residents of this county and all across this country to vote. It Matters! We ask our voters to do extensive research and vote to put people in offices who will fight to remove these types of social ills that threaten the fabric and well-being of our society. We ask voters to put people at the table who will matter when it matters most.

We strongly believe that our hurt, anger, frustration will lead to meaningful change. We will continue with peaceful demonstrations and seek meaningful dialogue for change. We will not resort to violence but we will not let up until there is justice and change. Our hope is to see a future diverse generation of productive and collectively caring citizens. We will grow stronger as a nation.