Happy Pride Month!!! The celebration of Pride Month for those who may not know came about as a result of the LGBTQ community having to fight for their basic human rights to gather and socialize like everyone else at a time when it was illegal for them to do so in almost every state. Police in 1969 raided Stonewall Night Club in NYC one of the few safe places at the time where members of the LGBT community would gather resulting in multiple riots.

The uprising launched a new era of resistance and revolution by the LGBTQ community to fight for their human rights. Many were beaten and roughed up by the Police. However, it resulted in many positive changes toward ensuring the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community.

Recent protests as a result of the murder of George Floyd by police officers and the continuous unequal and cruel treatment of Blacks and others by some police officers show that we still have a long way to go in securing equal rights of all people regardless of their gender expression, gender identity, color, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion etc. We must continue without let up the efforts to secure the fair and equal treatment of all humans beings in our society.